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Trusts and Estates Planning Attorney Roswell GAHigh-quality legal support for a complete range of estate planning issues

Ensuring financial security for loved ones requires careful estate planning. Whether your estate is large or small, the assets you have worked to earn can be significantly reduced through taxes, expenses and legal disputes. At James N. Cline, P.C. in Roswell, I work with a wide range of Atlanta-area clients to come up with optimal estate planning solutions. If you have a business, my firm can ensure that the ownership transition is smooth. With more than 20 years of legal experience, I provide detailed advice on tax issues and prepare thorough documents to eliminate confusion and unnecessary expense for loved ones already dealing with a difficult loss.

Attorney and CPA helps clients in the Atlanta region establish trusts

Trusts serve as useful legal instruments for preserving and protecting one’s assets. As both an attorney and a certified public accountant, I am able to offer knowledgeable advice on trusts so that you fully understand how they work. I can advise you on:

  • Trust advantages — Each situation is different, but a well-crafted trust can help your heirs avoid probate complications while allowing you to direct how your assets are used after you die. There might also be tax benefits to transferring property in this manner.
  • Revocable vs. irrevocable trusts — Whether your trust is revocable or irrevocable can have a significant effect on your estate planning. My firm explains the benefits of each choice. Though most people prefer the flexibility of a revocable trust, assets placed in an irrevocable trust are not part of your estate, which could lead to a tax savings.
  • Living trusts — These are revocable trusts that enable the creator to maintain control over their assets throughout their lifetime. The property within the trust passes to the named beneficiaries upon the creator’s death without having to go through probate.

Many people wrongly assume that trusts are only for the wealthy. After conducting a thorough review of your circumstances, I can detail the specific ways in which a trust might satisfy your estate planning goals.

Roswell law firm provides detailed outlines of various estate options

My firm takes a comprehensive approach to estate planning to make sure that no important item is overlooked. Even if you have placed property into a trust, a detailed will is still a vital aspect of a complete estate plan to cover assets not placed in the trust and other final instructions. I work with clients on developing solid plans for guardianship and conservatorship as well as advance instructions for medical care in case they become incapacitated by injury or illness.

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James N. Cline, P.C. advises individuals and families in Roswell, GA and throughout the Atlanta area on preparing and executing effective wills, trusts, and other estate planning instruments. Please call +1 770-518-0910 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Roswell office to learn how I can help.

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