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Wills Roswell GA

Wills Roswell GADrafting a will can be intimidating. Unfortunately, people who procrastinate or believe that their estate is not large enough to require a will often put their loved ones in a very bad position. At James N. Cline, P.C., my Roswell law firm takes a personal approach to each client’s estate needs. For more than 20 years, I have enabled clients in the Atlanta area to protect their assets and transfer them efficiently to their heirs. From the designation of a trusted executor to the creation of legal instruments to benefit loved ones or charities, I can help you draft a document that honors your wishes and establishes a legacy. Wills  Roswell GA.

Roswell attorney prepares authoritative documents to transfer property

No matter the size of your estate, my firm will help you navigate the process so you emerge with a clear, enforceable document that meets your needs. I provide detailed advice on issues such as:

  • Form — I will work with you to create a will that reflects your wishes, no matter how complex. My firm can facilitate special bequests, such as funds you choose to leave to charitable organizations.
  • Legal requirements — A Georgia will must be signed by two witnesses. I will ensure that each legal standard is satisfied so that your heirs can receive their property without undue complications.
  • Intestacy — If you die without a will, your property is divided according to state law. No effort is made to discern what your intentions might have been. Executing a legal will is the only way to direct where your property will go.

In addition to practicing law for more than two decades, I am also a certified public accountant, so you can trust that my advice will address your legal and financial needs.

Experienced adviser reviews existing wills and makes appropriate revisions

Executing a proper will is an essential part of any estate plan, but too many people forget about the document once it is completed. Frequent review is necessary to ensure that the instructions you leave are current and accurate. Family and financial changes could adjust your priorities dramatically. My firm takes the time to review wills and make appropriate revisions so that your directions are not based on outdated information.

Guidance on establishing guardianships and conservatorships

If you are responsible for a minor child or a disabled adult, you have a moral obligation to address their needs in case you are no longer there to take care of them. I work closely with parents and guardians to evaluate options for future care and financial support. Once these important decisions are made, my firm helps prepare guardianships and conservatorships and can also assist in creating legal instruments to meet their financial needs.

Contact a knowledgeable Georgia attorney for assistance in creating a will

James N. Cline, P.C. advises individuals and families throughout the Atlanta area on preparing and executing effective wills that protect their assets and allow them to pass to those they wish. Please call +1 770-518-0910 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Roswell office to learn how I can help you.

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