Business Law Roswell GA

Business Law Roswell GA

Business Law Roswell GAExperienced lawyer assists small and large companies in the Atlanta area

Whether you are launching a business or engaged in a legal dispute, skilled legal advice from an experienced attorney can be the difference between success and failure. At James N. Cline, P.C. in Roswell, my firm provides knowledgeable legal advice and strong civil advocacy to businesses and individuals. Business Law Roswell GA. I help new and existing companies satisfy legal standards and resolve problems in a professional manner that minimizes undue hassle and expense. If you require legal support for a business or civil litigation matter, you can count on my more than 20 years of experience helping clients to achieve favorable outcomes.

Roswell law firm helps new ventures launch successfully

The excitement of starting a new business can quickly turn to feeling overwhelmed by the details. As an attorney and a CPA, I offer my business clients a distinct advantage in being able to advise them equally well on legal and financial matters. To ensure your venture starts out on a firm foundation, I can help you make informed decisions on items such as:

  • Incorporation and tax status — I outline the relative advantages and disadvantages of various types of legal entities such as corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. After you have chosen what works best for you, my firm will prepare and file the required materials with the Georgia Secretary of State or the relevant authority in another jurisdiction, if you prefer. When you are considering whether to file as an S or C corporation for tax purposes, my experience as a certified public accountant offers insight that most attorneys cannot provide.
  • Buy-sell agreements — Businesses with multiple owners need to prepare detailed guidelines that specify what happens when one owner chooses to surrender their share quickly due to health, financial or other concerns. I work with companies to create clear, thorough buy-sell agreements so that each party’s interests are protected and clear instructions exist on the transfer of ownership shares.
  • Licensing and regulatory requirements — Creating a legal entity for your new business is just the first step. My firm can make sure that you have the necessary government approvals and permits and create internal guidelines that promote compliance with state and federal laws.

Strong business counsel entails more than delivering advice on legal standards. As a business owner with a unique background, I can share the attributes common to successful operations and the pitfalls that beset many Georgia companies.

Attorney handles legal aspects of business dissolution and expansion

If your company is looking to make significant changes, I can advise you regarding the required legal and accounting steps. I can help you revise foundational documents to reflect your new circumstances and incorporate new legal entities if that is in your best interests. Should you choose to wind down your operation, my firm can take you through the dissolution process in an efficient, professional manner.

Advocate represents clients in commercial disputes and other civil litigation

Litigation arising from contract disputes or alleged torts can serve as a harmful, costly distraction to both businesses and individuals. I can offer experienced advocacy in various types of civil matters. My focus is always on my client’s interests and obtaining a successful result while sparing you the time and expense of a trial. However, I will make the strongest case possible for you in court if that is the best forum for protecting your rights.

Contact a skilled Georgia attorney for advice on business formation and disputes

James N. Cline, P.C. represents Roswell, Georgia businesses in litigation and other matters. Please call +1 770-518-0910 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Roswell office.

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