Probate Attorney Johns Creek GA

Probate Attorney Johns Creek, Georgia Helps Distribute Assets Efficiently

Probate Attorney Johns Creek GA

Roswell lawyer advises personal representatives and beneficiaries

Probate Attorney Johns Creek GAProbate matters can create stress and confusion for loved ones already coping with a difficult loss. At James N. Cline, P.C. in Roswell, I help Georgians prove the validity of wills and enforce the instructions set by the decedent. I have worked with clients in the Atlanta area for more than 20 years and understand how to handle complexities that arise when someone dies without a will or when potential heirs dispute a will’s terms. Whether you are the personal representative for an estate or someone challenging a will in court, my unique professional background enables me to provide immediate, effective assistance for any type of issue. Probate Attorney Johns Creek GA.

Skilled advocate guides clients through the probate process

My firm works with executors and administrators at each stage of Georgia probate proceedings so that they can handle tasks such as:

  • Filing and notification — The individual who has been appointed as the executor files the will with the court and seeks designation as the personal representative for the estate. My firm can prepare this filing and assist with the letters that must be sent to the named will beneficiaries.
  • Locating assets — I have the professional background and experience to locate the decedent’s property, even when it is difficult to find and bring into the estate.
  • Managing accounts and expenses — While an estate is being probated, its financial obligations must be met, including the payment of taxes. As a certified public accountant, I am highly qualified to handle these tasks.
  • Distribution — Once all of the decedent’s property has been gathered and the estate’s expenses have been paid, my firm distributes each item according to the terms of the will. At the end of this process, I file a Petition of Discharge with the court.

Whether you are looking to probate the will of a loved one or have questions about how your estate will be handled, I can give you clear, comprehensive advice.

Georgia lawyer offers solutions for those who seek to avoid probate

Georgians who wish to spare their families the time and expense of the probate process do have options. Jointly owned property and financial accounts that include a right of survivorship can automatically pass to someone else upon your death. My firm also helps people create trusts to transfer property in a way that enables the creator to use the assets during their lifetime. Then, upon death, the appointed beneficiaries of the trust would receive the property.

Accomplished counselor handles estates that are disputed or lack a will

When someone in Georgia dies without a will, their property is allocated to their spouse and relatives based on the state’s intestacy laws. If the decedent left no outstanding debts and the heirs agree on the distribution of assets, you can petition for an order declaring that estate administration is not necessary. However, where complications exist, a Petition for Letters of Administration must be filed requesting that the court appoint an administrator. My firm handles this process for clients and also advocates for estate representatives and beneficiaries involved in will disputes.

Contact a skilled Georgia probate lawyer

James N. Cline, P.C. represents people throughout the Roswell, Georgia in a complete range of probate matters, guiding clients through each step of the process. Please call +1 770-518-0910 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Roswell office.

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