Estate Planning Lawyer Alpharetta GA

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Estate Planning Lawyer Alpharetta GA

Estate Planning Lawyer Alpharetta GADeveloping an appropriate estate plan is an essential responsibility for anyone who owns property or is a parent. Without an effective will, loved ones could face a financial crisis in addition to the grief caused by an untimely death. At James N. Cline, P.C. in Roswell, I make the estate planning process simple and convenient for clients throughout the Atlanta area by drawing upon detailed knowledge of the laws that govern Georgia wills and probate matters. My firm offers individualized attention and exceptional service so that you can establish a comprehensive plan that preserves your wealth, distributes assets efficiently and makes things as easy as possible for surviving family members. Estate Planning Lawyer Alpharetta GA.

Knowledgeable estate adviser works to protect clients and their loved ones

No matter what your family or financial situation is, my firm will take the time to discuss a complete range of estate planning options, including:

  • Wills — As the cornerstone of a comprehensive estate plan, your will is a crucial document no matter how you wish to allocate your assets. I will make sure that all legal standards are met and that your directions are clearly stated.
  • Trusts — In many cases, clients find that their needs are best met by placing property into a trust. I structure these instruments based on each client’s particular goals, which can include probate avoidance or tax reduction. A popular choice for many families is a revocable living trust, which allows the creator to maintain access to their assets throughout their lifetime and then pass them immediately to named beneficiaries upon death.
  • Advance directives — Controlling your medical treatment is an essential right that should not be stripped if you are unable to communicate. My firm creates advance directives for healthcare so that your doctors and loved ones know what type of treatment you want to receive. You can also name someone to carry out your instructions in the event you become incapacitated.
  • Powers of attorney — If you cannot make key legal or financial decisions due to an injury or illness, a durable power of attorney ensures that these matters are in reliable hands. I can prepare a document that appoints an agent to act for you in certain circumstances.
  • Letters of instruction — Distributing property is only one aspect of a person’s legacy. If you have minor children, I can prepare detailed instructions regarding their guardianship and upbringing. You might also wish to leave what some people refer to as an “ethical will,” which does not have a legal effect but gives you a chance to leave a meaningful final message.

Having worked as a trusts and estates attorney for more than two decades, I can find creative solutions to your concerns about making appropriate arrangements.

Established law firm delivers skillful guidance on probate issues

For those left behind after a loved one has died, probate can be a challenging process that comes at the worst possible time. My firm handles a full range of probate concerns both during the estate planning process and after someone has died. Whether you seek to avoid taxes, handle a business succession, or simplify the administration of your estate, I can offer practical suggestions that will benefit your family. Through the use of trusts, insurance proceeds, and jointly held property, you can minimize or eliminate the hassle and cost associated with probate. After someone has died, I work with executors and administrators to take advantage of Georgia laws that relieve the burden usually associated with probating an estate.

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James N. Cline, P.C. advises Georgia clients on estate planning issues, tax matters and other legal concerns. Please call +1 770-518-0910 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my office in Roswell.

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